Here at Alpha1 security, we specialise in all areas personal and commercial security and make it our priority to supply a service that always exceeds our customer’s expectations.

Our event security is a service we pride ourselves on. We provide a comprehensive package that involves an initial evaluation with the client to fully establish the requirements for the specific event. Following on from this, we will conduct a fully bespoke risk assessment to ensure all legal obligations are considered.

We understand organising an event from start to finish is a huge undertaking and our customers take comfort in our experience which allows us to take ownership of events and ensure they are ran with professionalism and order.

Our experienced team of security operatives has a wealth of knowledge in dealing with any risks and holding the view that prevention is better than cure. We like to establish a plan that addresses any potential risks well in advance and makes every attempt to eliminate problems well before the event date.

At Alpha, we have a breadth of experience in producing bespoke and well-researched security programmes, which help to eliminate the possible risks. Our preventative measures have proven to be very effectively as a deterrent to dissuade any unwanted activity.

If you want to discuss the services we can offer for your event or any other security requirements, please get in touch today.

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