Ottowa Shooting – What Can We Learn?

Ottowa Shooting – What Can We Learn?

Recent events in Ottowa, Canada, have seen a need for marked increases in security protocol around the world. Corporal Nathan Cirillo of the Canadian Armed Forces was shot dead whilst standing guard outside the National War Memorial in the capital.  The shooting happened a day after Canada raised its internal threat level from low to medium, causing concern in the global security community.


The UK has recently increased its own terror threat level from substantial to severe. The threat scale, set by MI5 runs from low through moderate, substantial, severe, and ending at critical. The current status of severe highlights that a terrorist attack is highly likely and security services should be prepared accordingly.


The UK has responded to the shooting in Canada by initiating emergency talks because Prime Minister David Cameron and UK security chiefs. The talks are looking to review and where appropriate, bolster security at a number of UK landmarks, including the House of Commons, MI5 and Buckingham Palace. The latter is having a thorough review of ceremonial guards and army personnel to establish the action required.


Learning lessons from the 7/7 bombings, London is required to be ‘permanently vigilant against this sort of terrorist threat’ according to PM David Cameron. The constant state of alertness will continue whilst current procedures are being reviewed.


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