Alcohol Consumption During Large Events

Alcohol Consumption During Large Events

Spring is upon us, which means we are getting closer to event season. Festivals, concerts, carnivals, and many other similar events are already in the planning stage. Crowds of massive numbers will soon be purchasing tickets to attend. Large events tend to serve alcohol, which can be both a blessing and a curse. As an event coordinator, there is a lot to consider when there is alcohol consumption with large crowds.

It is important for the venue and security team to be prepared for anticipated elements that could be harmful to the people attending. Alcohol consumption at large events encourages alcohol related behaviors. People tend to be more aggressive and can be less mindful of their actions. An efficient alcohol management strategy should cover the key elements that come with alcohol consumption for large events such as:

  • The procedure in which alcohol is served
  • The physical environment in which alcohol is served
  • Abiding by relevant laws regulating alcohol consumption
  • Monitoring and enforcing alcohol regulations

Understanding the demographic at an event is important when alcohol is present. Sporting events, for example, are now having larger numbers of women and children present; when in years past, the audience was typically built up of adult males. Be mindful of who is present at the event, and how to go about making sure all attendees feel comfortable.

Following regulatory procedures and having a strict structure for how alcohol is consumed is essential. This is not strictly to avoid any legal consequences, but also to keep the environment as safe as possible. Venues should make sure they have the proper licensing for serving alcohol in addition to following the local laws regarding alcohol consumption. When it comes to formulating an efficient procedure regarding alcohol consumption, there are several elements that need to be considered such as designated areas for drinking and purchasing alcohol, properly checking the identification of consumers, and the forbidding of bringing outside beverages just to name a few.

Anticipate unruly individuals when serving alcohol. Servers should be prepared to refuse service to individuals who have reached their limits or who may be behaving irrationally. Security must also be prepared to escort any unruly people away from others present at an event.

There is a lot that goes into a proper alcohol management strategy. If you are considering the presence of alcohol at an event, be prepared and consult with professionals. Contact Alpha1 Security today and make the first step in ensuring that your attendees are safe while enjoying themselves.

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