Alpha 1 Consultancy Services

Alpha 1 Consultancy Services

Alpha 1 are experienced security professionals, capable of providing consultancy services on all areas of security, within a range of businesses. We have expansive knowledge and skills that have be honed over a number of years within the security sector and are accomplished at implementing security procedures to ensure the safety of guests at your event or location.

Your security service budgeting should be directly proportional to the size of the potential threat and the value of the company, business or event you are providing security for. Spend too little and you could be at risk from danger, spend too much and you will be eating into potential profit. We will be able to discuss budgetary requirements and will always be honest and open about the cost of our services that may be of use. Establishing the right balance of cost and risk is crucial to ensuring you are sufficiently protected against threats.

Alpha 1 has years of experience in providing security that is practical, proven, cost-effective and adaptable. We seeĀ value in sitting down face-to-face to discuss initial requirements before we design, plan and implement a security strategy that will be best suited.

We cater to a wide-range of businesses, events and companies, from one-off parties to full-scale airport security operations. If you would like to see how we may be able to assist you, please contact one of the team today.

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