Alpha 1 Medical Services

Alpha 1 Medical Services

As well as providing security services, Alpha 1 have experience in providing medical services for events and sites. The implications of not having adequate medical provisions and plans in place could prove deadly, so ensuring a thorough plan is in place can ensure your event is remembered for the right reasons.

Here at Alpha 1, we offer a fully bespoke package that can be tailored to your exact requirements. We sit down with you in the initial stages and work through a risk assessment and provide advice on what medical requirements you may have for the event in question. Our years of combined knowledge and experience in providing a quality and professional service put us in the perfect position to offer suggestions of where medical and indeed security procedures could be improved.

We have developed strong relationships with statutory heath services which allow us to provide support in both minor and major incidents – for both, we are able to work through contingency planning in the event they are required.

Our equipment is of an excellent standard and we are able to provide everything from first aid kits to fully equipped ambulances.  Our services also extend to providing 4×4 response vehicles and cycle response units, which allows us to provide cover in harder-to-reach areas.

Our expertise in both the medical and security fields allows us to cover your event entirely, reducing the need to commission separate companies at a premium rate.

We can help to put provisions in place to ensure the safety of all attendees and make your event run smoothly. Having a strong plan in place is essential to dealing with a security or medical emergency in a timely and appropriate way so if you’d like to discuss how Alpha 1 could support your event, contact our team today.


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