Alpha 1 update on COVID-19

Alpha 1 update on COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 has substantial consequences on the operations of private security firms. At Alpha 1 we are pleased to state that we remain fully operational.

Last month we took the decision to instruct all office staff to work from home. Thankfully, we were well positioned to make this shift in business practices. We have a strong tech-infrastructure, and dependable staff with experience in operating remotely.

Further we instructed any staff, including security operatives, with symptoms to self-isolate immediately on sick-leave.

While many of our operations were to service businesses that were fragile to social distancing measures, we have taken the opportunity to equip guards with PPE, including FFP2 masks, surgical gloves, and eye protectors, as well as hand sanitisers, from reputable UK suppliers.

We continue to follow government HSE guidance on social-distancing, and brief our operatives with regular updates.

While anti-social behaviour now requires increased monitoring, the crisis has provided new opportunities for criminals to find weaknesses, and we have seen a significant increase in thefts across various sectors.

Alpha 1 remains a very capable deterrent with a wide range of resources to tackle the new challenges that face us. And we are determined to provide an excellent service in the face of this on-going crisis.

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