Are ‘Drunk Tanks’ a good move for Britain?

Are ‘Drunk Tanks’ a good move for Britain?

News filtering out this week has seen the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) come out in favour of introducing private companies who can supply cells for those who are extremely drunk after a night out.  Alpha 1 has worked in the door supervision field for a long time and has seen many events that lead us to agree with the thoughts from ACPO.

Door supervisors and police constables alike have dealt with drunken people for far too many years without any credit, while having to deal with potential volatile situations from vomiting to assaults. Our door supervisors are trained in how to handle all varieties of situations relating to alcohol, however if we are prised away by someone who is causing a problem on the street, we are not able to maintain supervision of the doors that we are meant to protect.

These moves by ACPO may mean our door supervisors and other companies door supervisors are sticking to the jobs that they are meant to be doing. These propositions would mean that drunks who are in danger of themselves would be taken to facilities to sober up, while being given a fine and charged for their stay. We believe these measures would keep the streets safe while also allowing those who have drank to recuperate in a safe place, rather than a police cell.

These guidelines, laid out by the ACPO also have an added benefit for us taxpayers as the police are spending valuable time collecting drunks off the street and placing them overnight in police cells, which should be used for criminals. Security is what we are about and protecting the establishments we are working for is what we intend to do. We do care about what happens to the people when they leave the venues and these actions will help and possibly prevent people from getting into trouble when drunk.

We would be very interested to hear your thoughts on the matter, as ever Alpha 1 Security Services take your thoughts and concerns seriously and enjoy reporting on current affairs that interest our readers.

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