Christmas Security with Alpha 1

Christmas Security with Alpha 1

Event security is of the utmost importance during the festive period. With Christmas comes celebrations in all shapes and sizes, and lots of them, so it’s worth ensuring your events are safeguarded with a security professional, to ensure your evening goes without a hitch!


Event Security is important in any situation, but with the Christmas period being rife with criminal activity, your event security has to be paramount. We want our customers to feel like they are allowed to relax, which is why we create a bespoke service based on the requirements of your event. A strong security presence is the key ingredient in keeping your event the best the year has seen!


People tend to forget about organising security for events, because other things always seem more important. The only way to ensure your party goes without a hitch is to ensure you have a security professional in place who know what they’re doing.


Event security staff are SIA trained in risk assessment, crowd control, loss prevention, guest list control and emergency planning. Your security professional should build an assessment which are tailored to your event. This assessment will change every time it is carried out for a different client, to ensure maximum security efficiency.


You need to be assured that no matter how many people you’ve invited, nothing will get out of hand. Even if your party is a small group of 10, it only takes once person to get out of hand. Event security are trained in keeping those who may get rowdy under control, so you can rest assured that your party will run smoothly!


You’ve sent out your invites, and your guests have RSVP’d, so how would unwanted guests be kept at bay? It is not uncommon for some to feel like they are allowed in anywhere at any time. The implications of an uninvited guests could be costly, and there is a chance that the welfare of your guests is compromised. So keeping this unwanted guests at bay will be made easier with Alpha 1.


All in all, hiring a bespoke event security service is important in ensuring your christmas party goes without a hitch!

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