Close protection at the World Cup

Close protection at the World Cup

This year’s FIFA World Cup is being held in Brazil and promises to be a fantastic spectacle, however there are some real concerns about the safety aspect for fans coming to watch the games. If you are travelling this year to watch the tournament unfold, you may want to consider your own personal security to ensure that you keep safe throughout the duration of the tournament. Alpha 1’s close protection will work with you to keep you safe at all times during the World Cup.

Why is there the threat of violence?

Protestors are complaining about the amount of money that is being spent on the World Cup and its venues rather than improving the conditions of some of the country’s poorest regions. Money is also being taken away from public funds for hospitals and schools and pumped into the tournament. Alpha 1 are strongly advising people that have got tickets to talk to our consultancy team about the need for security and how our close protection team can benefit and improve your experience.

What can we do for you?

Generally, you probably don’t think too much about the security of yourself, thinking that it will never happen to you. Peace of mind is something that is severely underrated. It’s good to know that Alpha 1 are ready and willing to help in these situations, to allow you to enjoy your experience of the World Cup. Alpha 1 have the means with our close protection team to ensure that no matter what situation you are in, we can provide the security and support to keep you safe.

Any individual or group who is looking for a close protection operative or team will be entitled to these services:

  • Threat Identification/Management and Assessment
  • Escort teams
  • Surveillance
  • Solo Protection officer: An officer who is specifically assigned to you
  • Drivers
  • Residential security

Alpha 1’s close protection team are experts in keeping our clients safe. Contact our close protection team to talk through our products and what security we would recommend for you.

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