Close Protection Services

Close Protection Services

The world is an ever-changing place, with a fluctuating economy that the UK always seems to be facing and unrest bubbling away within the population, trouble can and will arise.

From this, the threat of theft, damage or assault to yourself or your property is always present. However for those individuals in the public eye, whether that may be a celebrity status or an individual with a lot of responsibility, these risks are greater and more apparent. These risks range from public embarrassment or blackmail to physical violence, the reason could be many, but these things do happen! That’s why it is necessary to get your security in place.

It is vital to detect any security issue or threat and then counteract them with measures and precautions that only true security officers can provide. The areas that need to be protected include – yourself, property, workplace and your friends and family.

Alpha 1 Security Services offer the best close protection service that you will find with our security measures knowing no bounds. We can provide escort teams, surveillance, residential security and threat identification, to guarantee your safety at all times.

Though we understand that high profile characters may look for protection, we of course provide close protection to those who need it, no matter who they are. As we understand that many people have peace of mind, knowing that they, or their property, is safe.

So contact Alpha 1 today, we are trained professionals who make your safety our priority!

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