Close Protection UK

Close Protection UK

Close protection is one the most effective ways to keep those of you in the public eye safe and protected, with swarms of paparazzi, groups and fans around every corner the need for protection is higher than ever before. Every movement that you make is watched and can be published online website within seconds thanks to the rise of sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

With the aforementioned rise in the use of social media and the increasing need for everyone to know everything about the rich and famous, the requirement for close protection is needed more than ever. Our staff receive bespoke training in order to keep you safe and others away from you, without hurting themselves or anyone else around. All of Alpha 1’s close protection team are proficient in martial arts and self-defence; trained to keep on their toes and with the ability to think and react fast.

In addition to our close protection service, we can also provide mobile security and security surveillance to meet all your needs. When you take advantage of all we have to offer in order to meet your personal security needs your home will be as protected as you are, meaning that there won’t be any unwanted guests foraging through your bins looking for things they shouldn’t’ be. With mobile patrols in attendance they will be able to ensure there aren’t any unwanted groups of people.

Most close protection personnel can also act as your own personal driver along with providing your security; our rigorous training has taught them how to avoid being followed by the public or the media whilst maintaining a high level of safety.

Many people can find themselves in need of close protection security services, so if you require any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here for all your security needs.

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