Do you have door supervisors at your venue?

Do you have door supervisors at your venue?

You probably wouldn’t think it but door supervisors are the unsung heroes of our nation’s nightlife. Many members of the public might not agree with this statement when asked for identification or being searched upon entry to venues, but the necessity for effective security is of paramount importance.

The demand for door supervisors in pubs and clubs around London is extremely high. A lack of professional door supervisors at your venue could lead to incidents of unlawful behaviour as members of the public are left unsupervised whilst under the influence of alcohol. A visible presence at your venue provides that all important first step to preventing unsociable behaviour and keeping your patrons and business property safe.

With years of experience in door supervision we at Alpha 1 know that without the correct assistance a potentially volatile situation can turn from manageable to uncontrollable within an alarmingly short period of time. All of our door supervisors are fully trained and highly experienced to deal with such situations as efficiently and safely as possible. Venues and licensed premises with poor door supervision can find themselves under close supervision from the local authorities including the police and an inability to effectively protect their staff and patrons. Further to this, expecting your staff to manage dangerous and potentially violent situations without the correct training can be a frightening prospect and even in some cases lead a loss of customers and revenue.

Choosing Alpha 1 will ensure that your business receives a service that rates above industry standards. We will individually tailor the correct door supervision plan to meet your businesses specific needs ensuring that you receive the best possibly security for your patrons. Door supervision is not just about creating a presence against potential violence, but about maintaining a friendly, fun and most importantly safe environment that most venues strive to obtain.

Don’t leave your business exposed, call us today to discuss our door supervision services with our team of experts.

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