Do you have Medical Services for your event?

Do you have Medical Services for your event?

When planning large events security and safety are of upmost importance. It is vital to ensure that the correct security and medical services are in place to act as a guarantee, should anything unexpected occur.

We at Alpha 1 are well known for our industry leading security services but you may not be aware that we also offer a full range of medical services as well. When choosing the correct level of medical support, our experts at Alpha 1 will begin by completing a detailed and comprehensive risk assessment in order to advise you on any medical requirements that you may require at you event. Our experts will enact precautionary measures to deal with any major medical incidents that may occur, ensuring that if the worst were to happen, both staff and essential personnel were prepared to act. Our team of professionals would also liaise with the local health authorities to maintain an efficient working relationship.

All of our medical services are accompanied by a state of the art fleet of emergency vehicles including fully equipped ambulances, mobile first aid units and 4×4 response units capable of dealing with difficult terrain and weather conditions. Our highly trained and experienced medical professionals range from first aiders to emergency medical technicians and even state registered nurses. We have experienced Doctors and paramedics at our disposal to ensure that if someone does require immediate medical attention, our team are there to act without hesitation.

If you are arranging an event and require the professional staff to help support your venue, then call us today to enquire about our medical services.

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