Door Supervision and the SIA

Door Supervision and the SIA

 Since 2001, it has been a legal requirement that door supervisors are fully trained by the security industry authority, or SIA. The SIA introduced a set of behaviours and conduct that ensures equality across the country for door supervisors. Alpha 1 is a leading provider of security services across the UK, capable of providing retail, event and manned security guarding. We are also practised in mobile patrols, close protection and concierge services.

Our door supervisors are experts at ensuring your staff enjoy a safe working environment, aware to the variety of unlawful activity that can occur within licensed premises. Our door supervisors are experience in the field and pro-active in their response to any potential dangers that may arise in your establishment.

Keen to shake the image of traditional supervisors, our team are able to communicate effectively and fairly to resolve situations without relying on violence or threatening behaviour. We will always act with the best interests of the establishment at heart, acting as ambassadors for your business. By acting in a professional and reasonable manner, we hope to be able to attract the right sorts of clientele to your bar, club or pub.

Our security consultancy services allow for improvements to your existing provisions, with us able to make suggestions for improvements to door and manned guarding facilities to protect the welfare of your staff and patrons. By securing positively led security teams, we will also be able to protect the reputation of the establishment, as well as preventing the loss of business that violence and disturbances inevitably cause.

Alpha 1 is leading providers of security services and can work toward securing safer environments for your patrons. We see value in sitting down one-to-one to discuss initial requirements and making suggestions based on our wealth of experience in the security industry. With just six weeks until the big day, Christmas security is something that deserves considered thought with a number of parties and events happening across the festive period. Get in contact with a member of the team today to see how we can help improve your current provisions.

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