EasyJet bomb hoax admitted falsely

EasyJet bomb hoax admitted falsely

It was recently declared that a student admitted falsely claiming that a bomb was apparently on a Turkish- bound flight from Gatwick airport. The accusation was made by Muhammet Demir, a 20 year old who warned police on the 9th December, before the plane was due to take off.

The plane and the 170 passengers within it were forced to a stand-still where they were greeted by armed police, before it was given the obvious all clear. The hoax resulted in the flight being delayed by 3 hours, and the 20 year old student was arrested trying to flee the country through an attempt to board a plane from Luton Airport. Not only did the hoax result in time and money being wasted, but also the policed stated that it delayed them from attending genuine emergencies.

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