Ebola Crisis

Ebola Crisis

The news has been dominated with the story of the Ebola epidemic and the measures being taken to prevent the spread of the disease across the world. It is rapidly becoming a global crisis and support is pouring in to support those suffering, predominantly in West Africa. A spokesperson for David Cameron has touted the outbreak as ‘the most serious international public health emergency’ in recent years and the need for security is high. Alpha 1 Security Services are capable of providing security services in a wide-range of environments, from one-off event door security to full-scale airport security operations.

With international travel acting as a catalyst for the potential worldwide spread of the virus, it is imperative that border control is maintained and security protocols followed.

With confirmed cases of the virus in America, Barack Obama has expressed a need for an increased awareness of relevant protocol and security, especially in hospitals following the story that a healthcare worker has contracted the virus following their treatment of a Liberian patient who sadly died from Ebola within the last week.

The US will now be increasing their efforts to detect the illness in the first instance, using a combination of laboratory staffing and facilities alongside strict measures at airports.

In a move spreading across the world, the US is beginning to screen travelers arriving from West African countries to detect the early signs of Ebola. Passengers arriving from suspected ‘danger zones’ will pass through a thermometer to detect for a fever, which is the first symptom.  With increased security measures required, it is of the essence that security staff are correctly briefed and staff numbers are sufficient. This increase in security is another move by the US on top of the recent more to ‘pre-screen’ transatlantic travellers in the UK and other countries heading toward the States.

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