Event Security and Close Protection

Event Security and Close Protection

In today’s world, advances in social media have made the whereabouts of our most figures more accessible than ever before, generating a new kind of threat. It is essential therefore to stay ahead of the times and ensure that you have the correct security solution in place. When organising security for a high profile client or public figure there are a number of things that you should take into consideration. Having the correct resources in place, understanding key timings and the number of interactions your client will have with other people on their visit are of paramount importance to ensuring the safety of both your staff and client.

The implementation of effective crowd management plays an important role in this panning process. We at Alpha 1 security specialise in event security, whether it be on a large scale such as the London 2012 Olympics or at a more private venue, we can provide a professional security service to meet your individual needs. With an unparalleled network of assets at our disposal, we are able to guarantee that your event security will run smoothly from start to finish. We can implement anything from mobile CCTV units, K9 attendance right through to emergency medical services. Our highly trained officers often liaise with local authorities to ensure we deliver exemplary security on every front.

Beyond crowd management and basic security protocols, Alpha 1 also offer a close protection service to ensure that your client is personally protected at all times. Our highly trained, experienced close protection operatives remain in the background only stepping in when needed. Each operative is trained in threat identification and assessment, surveillance and tactical escort procedures ensuring that your client has a range of services available to meet the demands of any potentially hostile situation.

If you are planning an event with a special guest visitor then contact our team immediately to discuss how our event security and our close protection services could benefit you.

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