Event Security UK

Event Security UK

Organising an event from start to finish is difficult, no matter how experienced you are in the field. No matter what you do, it must be planned and executed to perfection, and all risks (there will be plenty) must be taken into consideration and prevented as well as they can be.


Any private or public event poses risks and they must be addressed as far in advance of the actual event as possible. Your event security should provide a risk assessment before the event, to pin point all the issues that could arise and how they should be tackled.


Alpha 1 Security Services event security team are both experience and effective at creating bespoke programs for event security throughout the UK. They will provide you with a risk assessment which will help you to understand why they choose to execute their plans they way they do. They will then work to avoid and even eliminate possible risks which could arise throughout your event.


During every single phase of planning, Alpha 1’s event security team will assist you. We will assist you with all your operational procedures and will keep you in the loop at all times. You can continue with planning the fun stuff while we get to work helping ensure your event security is paramount.


Being your event security provider, we will liaise with any people we need to to ensure the security front is the best it can be, and your event goes without a safety hitch. We can contact emergency services, local authority officials and service providers and speak on your behalf.


We can provide Mobile CCTV, K9 attendance and full medical services, so your event will run perfectly, no matter the problems that arise throughout.


During Christmas, the New Year and onwards, celebratory events are a huge deal and everybody enjoys themselves. Sometimes they can get slightly out of hand, so it’s worth ensuring you have a team of event security professionals behind you, ready to tackle any problem before it arises.


Don’t leave it to chance – call Alpha 1 in advance.

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