Halloween Security

Halloween Security

Halloween of course twins itself with connotations of costumes, parties, sweets and family fun. However as many of us know, the festival of Halloween holds its darker side, and many citizens during the event can find themselves anxious and feeling unsafe. Peer pressure and the influences of alcohol can guide the younger generations from trick-or-treating to crimes and anti-social behaviour, and if you and your community are locking your doors and shutting your blinds in fear, then you deserve the right kind of security service. From minor potential crimes to major, we can strengthen your protection.

Our mobile control security service would be perfectly suited to encase a layer of protection over a community/ neighbourhood. We would ensure that Halloween is celebrated in a happy yet safe manner, through a 24 hour patrol/ response service which shall reduce the vulnerability of the area. Benefits from using this service can include vacant property inspections, visible deterrence, and a cost effective alternative to typical static guarding.

Within bustling and busy city/ town centres, many bars and clubs may be awaiting in excitement for the event. But secure your peace of mind with Alpha 1; we can offer a premium event security service along with professional and experienced team to assist. From mobile CCTV systems and K9 Attendance to full medical services, a spectrum of options will be available for your preference. Our door supervisors are suitable for a more internal involvement, ensuring that the safety within any type of establishment is as it should be.

We at Alpha 1 Security Services believe that citizens deserve fun and laughter during a positive celebration, however Alpha 1 are the perfect connection to make sure that the lines between positive and negative do not blur. To find out more information, contact us today or call 02071274260.

Make the right connection- use Alpha 1 for your protection.

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