Homeland security

Homeland security

Are we doing enough to keep ourselves safe?

I often idly wonder if people really do understand the importance of keeping safe on a daily basis.  If you think about it, how often do we actually consider how safe we are? Well we don’t really, we take it for granted. As we here at Alpha 1 have worked in the security industry for a number of years we find we often see people leaving clubs and pubs in the early hours of the morning, completely inebriated to walk home, down alleyways and dark paths.

Security should start in our own homes. We have already written a blog about safety in a home however we want to tackle the rising problem of the amount of people who are mugged or assaulted after nights out. It probably sounds overly dramatic but considering it has been over 100 years since the crimes of Jack the Ripper, we are still witnessing the same level of disregard for personal safety and still witness crimes being committed on an all too often basis on streets during the nights.

If you are spending a night on the town plan your route back after your night out. No matter how short the walk home may be, make the wrong decision and it could be the longest walk of your life. You never know the threats that might be present during the later hours. We would always suggest booking a registered taxi to drive you home. It may cost but it will get you home quicker than walking and you can always text the taxi number to a friend or family to make sure you are in a safe taxi.

If you do decide to walk home, make sure you are always with a group of people. Thugs and muggers are less likely to attack a group of people and you will probably feel safer. We understand that when you go out to pubs and clubs, you will likely drink, however drinking in excessive amounts will only leave you more vulnerable to others. If they can see you stumbling around outside they may approach you and try to coax you into feeling safe around them. Alpha 1 would always suggest not taking any chances and advise you to bear these tips in mind to keep yourself and those around safe when out and about.

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