Mobile patrol makes a difference to business security

Mobile patrol makes a difference to business security

Continuing with the theme of Make a Difference month this October, we’re going to look at how you can make a difference to the security of your business. Have you ever thought about a mobile patrol service?

After a long day at work, all you want to do is lock up your premises, jump in your car and drive home, without a second thought about work until the next working day. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Usually you will have security measures in place to keep undesirables away; a security alarm and an array of locked doors. More often than not, there is a niggling feeling in the back of your mind which keeps you up at night – what if they’ve broken in?

Sadly there are some seasoned burglars out there who will succeed in their attempts to steal your worldly possessions. This is where mobile patrol could come in to play.


A mobile patrol would first and foremost act as a deterrent on site. The patrol will appear at different times throughout the night and day. Some criminals are very smart and many may start to monitor any movement on the premises, so they know the best time to break in. With a mobile patrol continuously guarding the area during different time frames every day, the burglar won’t know when the best time to break in may be – a crucial flaw in his pattern.

Using a mobile patrol also acts as a security presence within the local community. Ensuring your neighbours feel safe is important, especially if your business has been broken into before. It also lessens the chances of a break in for them.

Mobile patrols are a cost effective security measure and deterrent, and will give you the peace of mind to go home and not have to worry about the safety of your livelihood being compromised. Everybody deserves a good night’s sleep and here at Alpha 1, we can help with that.

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