How Door Supervision Can Make a Difference

How Door Supervision Can Make a Difference

We provide Door Supervision in London every single day, but how exactly does it make a difference to you?

Any venue will have hidden areas, due to the potential to remain unseen; there is an opportunity for all kinds of illegal activity to ensue in licensed leisure establishments, such as bars and clubs. People hire qualified door supervisors because we are trained in recognising and preventing these unlawful activities from occurring.

Door supervisors, sometimes known as bouncers or doormen, are used in a variety of different places all around the UK. Bars, clubs and other establishments in which alcohol is served are primarily where they are needed the most. They are specifically trained to judge the appropriateness of a person who wants to enter licensed premises. The security of the club is essentially in the door supervisor’s hands.

Some of a door supervisor’s roles include using specific queue management techniques to prevent people from queue jumping, crushing and violence. They may also carry out searches to ensure no dangerous weapons or drugs are being taken into a venue. They essentially maintain the safeguarding of the other customers on the premises. They are the main port of call when tensions are about to break out, and are required to play a active role in defusing hostile or violent situations. The Door Supervision team liaise with the police force and management team, to ensure violent situations are kept at a minimum.

But how do door supervisors help the public? There’s a stigma associated with ‘bouncers’ because people only ever see them asking people to leave a club. Door supervisors are the main reason we are kept safe in potentially dangerous situations; they remove the cause of the problem before it starts, as this is what they are trained to do. Without a door supervisor, the public could be forced to face argumentative situations alone, without help. Poor door supervision also results in a loss of customers; if the people visiting the premises are undesirable, how can you expect to enjoy yourself?

Here at Alpha 1 Security, we have a solution for every problem. All of our guards are SIA approved experts in the field and we aim to provide the best door supervision for your company.

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