It’s all about appearance

It’s all about appearance

The importance of security at your event or venue

It’s all about first impressions in this industry and none more so than when you are working a front of house role. In our profession a lot of what we do can be seen, and often we are being watched by lots of people at an event, or perhaps a nightclub where we are working. Professionalism and knowledge is the key. An attractive and well-presented group of individuals will show your customers that you see fit to invest in their safety with a good quality security firm.

There are different types of security personnel for different needs, it might be that your requirements are front of house in a hotel, or perhaps it you need door security for a venue; regardless of your security need, you need to know you are employing a service that is skilled and qualified. It is essential that you recognise that you are spending your funds on a well established, reliable security service. Sadly not all security firms can promise this.

We have all been somewhere where there is an obvious security attendance and it is that physical presence that acts as a deterrent to people who may potentially be the ones to cause trouble. An air of authority combined with a no nonsense attitude heaped with reams of experience and training is what makes our security personnel the best in the business. It is also what makes our success statistics some of the highest out there.

There are opportunities left right and centre for businesses and events that need front of house security and a visible presence. We at Alpha 1 would always encourage a security presence because we whole heartedly believe that it deters criminals and makes for a safer environment. When you are in a nightclub and a fight breaks out – you need to know that the bouncers are going to come streaking through the room to break it up. They are a figure that is reliable in those situations.

We have named a fair few ‘things’ that a security guard should be or have as traits in their personality and they are probably words that you have heard 100 times before. The difference this time is that we have all of those attributes in all our personnel which you will be able to see when working with us.

Everyone needs security for their homes, businesses, events and parties. If you are interested to find out what we can do for you then please get in touch we’d love to hear from you.

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