Join Alpha 1 for professional Security Services in the UK

Join Alpha 1 for professional Security Services in the UK

On the 19th of November, it’s ‘Evaluate Your Life’ day. Are you where you want to be? If you’re looking into protecting your home or business, family or staff, perhaps our security services can help!

Here at Alpha 1, we understand that sometimes you go through life feeling unsure about what it is you want to do. Occasionally, it may feel as though you’re in the wrong career, and are desperate to change but are indecisive about what to actually do. Have you ever thought about being qualified to work within the security sector? If so, did you know that Alpha 1 are offering a wide variety of security courses?

There is a consistently high demand for security services in the UK, and we will always be needed. Working within this industry promises an interesting career where no two days are the same, no matter which area you choose to specialise in. It’s ever expanding and there is a wealth of opportunity involved within this career path. There is a constant need for security services, and if we are to consider the current demands of society, this need is only set to increase.

There are currently 182,626 people employed within security service based roles in the UK, and it is estimated that this rises by 3% every year, with 34.5% of these people being in London and the South East, so it’s far from a dying trade.

Security service roles are far from unskilled professions as it was once regarded; there used to be a stigma attached to working as a door supervisor or a security guard. Now, aspiring security workers must undergo a series of SIA approved courses and exams, as well as prove that they are competent and able to stay in control of difficult situations. The life of a security guard is a lot different to how people on the outside looking in see it.

Unlike the majority fields of work nowadays, it’s not essential that you have decades of experience or an honours degree in Security; as long as you undertake the appropriate training and pass successfully, you’ll be considered.

It’s unsurprising to hear that women now work with the security service within the UK, and 17% of them work in managerial roles within this sector. It’s a very diverse area of work, with no discrimination with regards to levels of English language and gender.

Alpha 1 works within every element of the Security service within the UK, and we offer courses to help you get ready for the high demands of a Security career. Evaluate your life and join Alpha 1 today.

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