Keep your establishment safe with our door supervisors

Keep your establishment safe with our door supervisors

Keeping your establishment safe is our number one priority and with the potential for unlawful situations to occur, door supervisors are crucial to keeping the peace and maintaining the safety for those who may be entering the establishment.

Alpha 1 have worked in the security industry in London for a number of years, so we know how keep your doors safe, not only have the experience of situations that can arise, we also know exactly how to deal with these situations, which may be key to keeping an event from escalating. Our door supervisors have a unique quality that you will not find in other security companies. We put our door supervisors and our other security personnel through a strict training course that is unique to our company, the Alpha Approach. The Alpha Approach teaches our door supervisors the importance of customer service, to eliminate the stereotype of a ‘bouncer’ and to show people that we as door supervisors and security personnel are human and will treat you with respect.

We don’t like to badmouth other security firms but did you know that poor door supervision may be cheap but can come at an extreme price:

>Having to manage difficult, argumentative and violent people: You may think that this comes in the job description, however our trained door supervisors are well versed in being able to diffuse situations before they escalate.

>Unnecessary danger for you and your staff: Our door supervisors are trained to be able to spot potential hazards and neutralise them before they occur and therefore preventing you, your staff and the guests of the establishment. There is nothing worse than losing customers due to disruption at your event that can be rectified with our security solutions.

Luckily, for every problem, we have the solution. Contact our door supervisor team and we’ll figure out the right solution for your problem. Trust Alpha 1.

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