Keep Your Students Safe: Back to School

Keep Your Students Safe: Back to School

As the summer holiday approaches an end, one of the biggest matters that should be addressed is the security and safety of your students. With a new school year ready to start afresh, it may be time to take a look at the quality of the security that supports your school system. Crime rates within UK schools, colleges and universities may be slowly declining, but Alpha 1 aim to speed up the process. So which kind of security would be suitable for you? Different services are suitable for different key stages, so the team at Alpha 1 have listed the suitability of each.

Door Supervisors: This service would be suited to all stages of education- either primary, secondary, college or university. With a wide range of experience within the company, our team have exstensive knowledge in door security. No matter what the situation, you can rest assured that our security guards will resolve any issue professionally, quickly and effectively. Poor door supervisors could end up with situations such as unnecessary danger for your students and staff, mismanagement of violent and disruptive behaviour and a bad reputation for your school.

Mobile Patrol Security: To keep peace of mind, use us for a 24hour mobile security solution. The grounds of your school/ campus could be vast, and will need protection from external threats. Perhaps during bank holidays, weekends and holidays, your campus needs supervision against vandalism, theft and break-ins.

Medical Services: In the case of any unfortunate event, perhaps a student falling ill and you need urgent support, Alpha1’s medical services will be ideal for you. We can carry out a service with minimal disruption to your lectures, lessons and everyday routine. The resources available to you would be fully equipped ambulances, mobile first aid unit, first aid personnel, and emergency medical technicians. Much more is available to read on our medical services page.

If you are ready to heighten and tighten the quality of your security within your campus, then don’t hesitate to give us a call on 02071274260, or alternatively send us an email on [email protected] .

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