Keeping Your Home Safe This Winter

Keeping Your Home Safe This Winter

There are a range of different measures you can take with regards to making your home more secure for you and your family. Here at Alpha 1 we believe in giving you the best in security, so we’ve compiled some steps you can take to keep yourselves safe this winter.

Outdoor Security Lights – Automatic lights that flash on when people walk past your house are a brilliant safety measure and can ensure that you’re aware if there are people outside your house. Security lights are also beneficial because they could act as a burglar deterrent.

Security Alarms – There are two types of alarms that are authorised by the police force. They will be alerted if your alarm goes off, and will visit your property. Other alarms can be linked up to security services who will attend the call. Alarm systems are a reassuring tool; you’ll always be notified if an alarm is triggered, and will feel safer in your home if you know there are security measures in place. You also get the benefits of a round the clock security guard, and it will be more cost effective.

Security Light Switch – When leaving your home for the night, it’s natural to worry that people may know that there is nobody home, and when your lights are out, people may be more inclined to break in, as more often than not it’s a failsafe way of knowing the occupants are out. A security light timer allows you to set your lights to come on and turn off and the time you desire. It’s a great deterrent when you’re on holiday or out on a dark winters evening. It also saves you a lot of money as you aren’t racking up a high electricity bill by keeping light switches on all the time.

Windows – Although new windows can be costly, sometimes old windows are usually more of a hindrance. During the times of the year where temperatures drop near freezing, old windows are less than beneficial as they will let heat out, causing your energy bills to raise more than is necessary. If your windows are weak, burglars will be more inclined to break in, as your home seems like an easy target. Look into securing your home this winter.

There are all sorts of ways to keep yourself safe. These are just some ideas to help you ensure your home is secure this coming winter.

Alpha 1 offer services to protect you and your home. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us.

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