Minimising the Risk of Employee Theft

Minimising the Risk of Employee Theft

One of the most frustrating situations a storeowner has to deal with is an employee caught stealing. Whether its cash being removed from the drawers or inventory loss, employees are not exempt from untrustworthy behaviour. It is unfortunate and disappointing for the owner to know that some of their employees may not be trustworthy, but it is something to be wary of. There are a few tips storeowners should take into consideration in order to minimise the risk of employee theft.

It is common for thefts to take place when there is only one employee handling the cash at a register. Having a supervisor or a second employee present when transactions are being made and having multiple people present during open and closing times would eliminate opportunities for stealing. It is even recommended to have security monitoring services present to keep a third eye on employees when the supervisor cannot. Employees are less likely to steal with cameras filming them. A more forward tactic would be to have an anonymous tip line for employees to report theft or suspicious activity from their coworkers in exchange for a reward. Whether or not employees agree with this tactic, employees will definitely think twice before stealing knowing that one of their colleagues can squeal on them.

During the initial hiring process, employees really need to know who is working for them. Background and drug screenings are often necessary before bringing people onto the team. A person with a history of theft may not be the appropriate fit behind the register. Even if an individual passes background screenings, as an employer one should really connect with their employees. It is easier for an employee to steal from someone that they have little connection to. If a level or respect and trust are clearly visible, then the probability of theft from employees is low.

There are many ways to minimise the risk of employee theft; however, it all comes down to two main elements: establishing a level of trust between employees and management and making it extremely hard for employees to steal to the point where they choose not to.

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