Mobile Patrol in 2014

Mobile Patrol in 2014

You always know that your business is more vulnerable during the night or weekends, when you aren’t about and there is nobody around to report a crime. Mobile security is a way to put your mind at ease over theft and break in’s. Mobile security is a service of security guards that patrol the area around the business as well as the business itself. We aim to reduce the vulnerability of companies during the time you are away from your premises.


Mobile security uses patrol cars which are fully equipped with cameras. They won’t just do the normal routine patrol, but will randomly scope the area around your company at completely random intervals in the day, so that it is known that security is in the area. Their routes also coordinate actions so if something untoward was to happen, they would be able to contact the correct emergency services. Mobile security is a visible and effective deterrent to ward off any unwanted guests who will try to damage or break into the company. Our Mobile security system is also fully insured which will most likely bring the price down of the company insurance down as well.


Mobile security is an alternative to static guarding, where criminals can quickly become familiar with their patrol patterns. The main advantage of mobile security is that their patterns are random and will turn up often to check on the building. The criminals will not be able to track their pattern. The Mobile security we provide is cheaper than what it would be to hire a static guard. The services we provide gives the company employer peace of mind that the company is being watched on a regular basis; your safety and the safety of your business is of the utmost importance to us.


You are able to customise the patrol for your own personal preferences, so that you are completely in control of the safeguarding of your business. Use Alpha 1’s Mobile Patrol Service to keep your company safe in 2014.

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