Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrols

Protecting your assets and safety 


Some say mobile patrols seem over the top. Our answer to this…  Can you put a price on your business or your family’s safety? We all know that generally, our properties are more vulnerable at night or when they are unoccupied. Mobile patrolling aims to reduce the chances of disturbances and potential break ins.

The perception of many burglars and vandals being uneducated and somewhat unintelligent is a fable. We have all heard the urban myths surrounding the thief who fell asleep in master bedroom and woke up to an angry husband. We have all have a chuckle about these stories, let’s face it these anecdotes are funny! Maybe we even take a little comfort from the perception that those who would take our hard earned possessions are plainly inept and clueless. Realistically the cold hard truth is hundreds of homes are broken into every week by thief’s who get away. The fact is the burglars who get off scott-free are in fact the general rule and not the exception.

Static or manned guarding is a good way to prevent a threat as they are constantly protecting your premises. However the more persistent criminals may be able to work out when security personnel are carrying out property and site checks. The added bonus with mobile patrolling is that we offer a scattered service, which allows us to randomly turn up during the period that you need us, to ensure that we are well known, the first phase of a deterrent.

Crimes rates are still fairly high considering the amount of money that is invested in the police force. This is why we have decided to allow our customers the opportunity to further secure their assets with this service.  Mobile patrolling also offers a cost effective alternative to static guarding. By having one of our personnel patrolling at irregular times, it allows any threats to realise us in a evident form, which will help to create a visible deterrent.

Mobile patrolling also allow for a rapid response, as we are patrolling using marked motor vehicles, something which adds greater visibility to the local community. We at Alpha 1 believe that it is important to keep your belongings safe. This service will go along to ensuring the safety for you.

With the threat of terrorism and crime on the increase, why not look into securing your assets. With Alpha 1 you can be assured of a safer future.

Feel free to contact us with any questions at all. We are always happy to help.

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