Political Manned Guarding

Political Manned Guarding

With the recent shooting of a soldier in Ottowa, Canada sparking worldwide checks on security, the UK has been given reason to consider their own security. Prime Minister David Cameron was leaving an event at the Civic Hall in Leeds when he was ‘accosted’ by a runner who had broken through the ranks of close protection guards.


The runner, Dean Baboa Farley was innocently running to the gym when the event occurred earlier this week. Farley, 28 did not even realise it was the PM he had ran into until around an hour after the incident, by which time he had been arrested and questioned by police officials.


In the wake of the security breach, Scotland Yard have launched a full investigation into the SO1 Specialist Protection team who make up the close protection team responsible for Mr Cameron. The manned guarding team is tasked with ensuring the safety of one of the nation’s most important political figures and this breach is surely cause for concern. This breach follows on from the story last week of a man throwing a bag of marbles at the glass divide between the private and public galleries at he House of Commons.


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