Retail Security over the Christmas Period

Retail Security over the Christmas Period

Did you know that over the Christmas period, the cost of retail crime hit almost £1billion, with theft being the main culprit. This amount equates to 130,000 full time jobs in the retail sector. With this in mind, have you considered bringing in retail security to keep your goods and profit safe this Christmas?


When the January sales start, there are a few things which go through a shopper’s mind, and not all of them are particularly moral. When you open your doors on Boxing Day and let in the influx of customers ready to tackle the sale racks and new clothing, do you ever consider how many of the items they’re looking at they’re planning on paying for?


It’s extreme to suggest that every single shopper is a thief, but it isn’t uncommon for those who are to assume they can continuously get away with stealing your profits. When you look to hire security guards, Alpha 1 has a team of expertly qualified retail security ready and waiting for you.


Retail security guards are trained to spot thieves. They are trained in being able to recognise their behaviour and can act as an effective deterrent which will discourage those who feel it is okay to steal. If a theft occurs, retail security guards will be able to effectively deal with the situation and speak to the police in a controlled manner. Retail stores are challenged massively over the Christmas period; hectic, messy stores are the perfect environment for thieves to strike.


Installing CCTV, if you do not already have it, can also prove to be an invaluable tool in keeping thieves at bay, but retail security acts as a deterrent people can see in front of them; they’re something to fear.


Alpha 1 Security Services can offer you bespoke retail security solutions. Don’t get caught out this Christmas.

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