Retail Security & Shoplifters

Retail Security & Shoplifters

It’s a problem all businesses will come across sooner or later – shoplifting! As much as you want to believe it won’t happen to you, it will one time or another. So what policies and procedures will you enforce to prepare yourself for it?

Here are a few things you need to consider when it comes to shoplifting:

  • Is there a minimum cost amount before prosecuting?
  • What will you do if the shoplifter shows remorse and wants to pay for the goods instead?
  • Have you got a zero tolerance policy?
  • How will you and your staff confront the shoplifter and the situation?

Alpha1 believes you should be firm but fair. If you allow shoplifters to continue to do so, then your store will get a reputation for being lenient and thieves will not be afraid to continue stealing.

When dealing with shoplifters there is a course of action you should always take. Firstly, if you think you have seen someone take an item, ensure that you (or another member of staff) keep an eye on them at all times. Not only this, but you can only apprehend the shoplifter once they have left the store, without purchasing the item, otherwise you are now in the wrong (Theft Act 1968). It is important to remain calm and professional in a shoplifting situation and not to jump to any conclusions; you won’t want to lose a valued customer over a false accusation of theft.

It is always a concerning and, let’s be honest, awkward situation when apprehending a shoplifter. However Alpha 1 Security Services can help in this area. Our trained professionals are experts in retail security and can monitor your store to reduce the risk of shoplifting.

So get in touch with Alpha 1, the best security service around.

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