Royal Security

Royal Security

With the new arrival of the little boy who is third in line to the throne this is a hot topic at the moment! The British Royal Family are some of the most famous people on the planet and this birth has been one of the most eagerly anticipated royal events since we first heard the news that Prince William and Kate Middleton were engaged – and so began the build-up to the wedding of the century!

All the members of the Royal Family have various levels of protection when they are out in public – as you can imagine the Queen has some of the most intense protection. There are three commands that are in charge of the Royal Family and MPs – so in short these are the people who protect the people who run the country! There is a Royalty Protection Branch (SO14) which travels both nationally and internationally with the Royal Family to ensure close protection at all times. They are also the team who are responsible for protecting the residences throughout the UK whether the Royal Family are there or not – although not every property has 24 hour protection.

For the various events that go on throughout the years in celebration of different royal events and other dates of importance, the security team bring in extra help and support to make sure that across the board the protection is maximised by highly skilled security personnel.

Last year for the Queen’s Jubilee, we at Alpha 1 provided 300 of our team to help support the protection and security throughout London. We manned and secured many of the bridges down the Thames as well as working closely protecting VIPs and the media present at many of the events.

The new addition to this famous family will have sparked curiosity globally and they will have to be more cautious than ever as this is such a high profile event.

Any high profile case, royal or otherwise will lead to those individuals having to be even more careful than before that they have a close protection team for however long it takes even if there is no direct threat.

Alpha 1 offers all kinds of security specialists who are happy to advise you on what we think would be the best way forward to protect you, your family or your property.

We have experience from all types of previous security – you might not have a royal baby but whatever it is that you want protected is just as important to you and therefore to us too.

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