Royal Baby News

Royal Baby News

Regarding the recent news of the new Royal family addition, we at Alpha 1 have been considering the significant importance of close protection for an individual holding a high profile. The Royal Family of course require security services that are reliable, effective, strong and trusting; much like any other personalities in the spotlight. Alpha 1 strive to go above your needs and beyond, as we have done with many clients carrying high profiles. We would not only provide premium protection to ensure your safety, but we will professionally protect your privacy also. When holding a high profile, we understand that both of these matters are extremely important to you.

Imagine a public life with the right elements of privacy and freedom; this is something which Alpha 1 aims to provide for every client requiring close protection. Our security teams hold and follow the highest standard of protocol, resulting in the vital professional relationship needed. No matter whether you’re a religious leader, a sporting icon, any type of celebrity or an individual of high net worth, we can craft a close protection service perfectly tailored to your circumstances.

We at Alpha 1 have noticed the undoubtable boom of social media and technology trends, and the impact it has on influential public figures. Taking the royal family once more as an example, news and media platforms constantly root for current news regarding their lives, and with the assistance of social media, protection has been more required than ever. The same applies to all high profiles, and it is imperative that you make the right connection for your protection. Within our close protection package, threat identification, escort teams, surveillance, solo protection services, security drivers and residential security are all possible selections that you can obtain.

If you feel like a close and professional security solution is right for you, then call to speak with one of our friendly team members on 02071274260 for a potential quote. Alternatively, just click here to contact us.

Make the right connection- use Alpha 1 for your protection.

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