Secure your art gallery

Secure your art gallery

Event security can be found in a range of different places where the negative implications of theft and damage can be higher than the risk of it taking place.

Art galleries need constant surveillance. There are works of art in these galleries, which are older than the collective age of all the people reading this blog. Ensuring they are kept safe at all times is, obviously, the top priority of the gallery directors, as well as it being in their best interests to do so.

Why do galleries need event security?

Events are held all the time at galleries; some are free and open to any member of the public who wishes to stroll in. It could be argued that a free exhibition is brilliant for everyone, but situations could arise which have very negative consequences. Thieves are more likely to commit a robbery when access is easy, which is why it is important to have patrolling event security in every corner of the venue. Bag searches on the door ensure no weaponry is being brought in which could be used to unhinge paintings from the wall, or cut them out of their frames. Back in August 2010 there was a major robbery in a gallery in Cairo, when Poppy Flowers by Vincent Van Gogh was stolen from a severely understaffed gallery. There were so little guards, that the thieves were able to slip a sofa underneath the painting to reach up and cut it out. This in itself is proof that event security in galleries needs to be paramount at all times.

There are also threats of the paintings, sculptures and models getting damaged. The value of a piece of art can decrease dramatically if there is so much as an almost invisible fingerprint on the side. Getting the damaged item fixed can cost millions in itself, so having security there to ensure the artwork isn’t touched or fiddled with is a necessity.

Terrorism can also occur in galleries, especially in large cities like London, so trained guards keeping an eye on anything that seems untoward or slightly illegal can be the link between life and death.

It is important to ensure that you have the correct security measures in place no matter your industry. Don’t leave it to chance.

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