Securing your home

Securing your home

Making sure your home is safe and secure

It goes without saying we all want to make sure that their belongings are safe and sound, especially at home. Ultimately our houses are where we want to feel most safe, we built them for the purpose of having somewhere secure, to keep us out of harm’s way. So the idea that an intruder could break into our houses and go through our personal property can be too much to bear.

There are a few things that though obvious, are critical in making sure that nobody can get into your home:

1.) Make sure everything is locked up.

When leaving your home make sure that all the doors and windows are locked. We understand that you might not want to shut all of your windows, especially in the summer months. However, most fanlight windows will have the facility to be able to lock them open, so they cannot be opened any wider than you leave them. If someone is going to try and get into your house they are going to want to find an easy way to do so and a securely locked door this WILL act as a deterrent.

2.) Cut back cover.

Make sure that there is a clear line of sight from the street to your home so cut back bushes or trees that obscure the view of your front door or indeed, any other access routes into your home. Motion sensor lights help alert you to someone who is nearby and if there are street lights that are not working report them straight away.

3.) Know your property.

Any kind of property such as sheds, summerhouses and garages can provide cover for unwanted visitors. These places often hold tools that can be used to gain access to your property. Keyed locks are always a good idea on this kind of shelter.

4.) Protect your valuables.

Don’t make your valuables obvious. If you have 55” 3D, HD, LED television on your wall and you’re watching it in the evening, make sure you draw your curtains or blinds so that attention is not drawn towards your home. If you have anything of great value make sure that is it kept in a locked safe so that is access if gained to your property then these items still remain safe.

5.) Make friends with your neighbours.

In communities which know each other and participate in neighbourhood events the crime rates are seen to be lower. Knowing your neighbours is also of benefit to you if you do go away from your home on a holiday, they can keep an eye on your house as well as collecting your post and bringing your dustbin in – the obvious signs that your house is empty.

Sadly times have changed and it is sad that we no longer live in a world where you can leave your keys under the doormat! Hopefully these keeps will keep your home secure. If you are concerned about anything then please get in touch.

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