Security at Events

Security at Events

From the end of October to the beginning of December, fireworks are let off all over the country; from the odd one in a back garden, to extravagant displays complete with bonfires and toffee apples. The more extravagant events need extra attention; the high level of explosive equipment and even higher volume of people can have a severe and negative impact on health and safety, but what can we do about it?

Security at events is of the utmost importance during times like these. All sorts of trouble can break out, so having measures in place to keep onlookers safe is vital. Every year, there are reports of trouble from all walks of life, especially with large annual displays; a number of disruptive incidents occur all around it. Alpha 1 has trained guards ready to keep your guests safe and sound this winter.

It is not unusual to see police at extremely large bonfire nights, but using a Security Company will allow the police to handle important incidents, which could be occurring at the same time as smaller occurrences, which have the potential to grow. Security at events are trained to deal with crowd management, which means the safety of the bystanders is kept in mind at all times. Metal fencing will only do so much by way of keeping people out of areas they shouldn’t be entering, and having a guard there, providing a physical presence will keep control and means the time taken to react to any potentially life threatening situations will be reduced.

Drug use is a problem wherever you go. Security at events are also trained to recognise abnormal behaviour, which means it is easier to pin point those who are under the influence of illegal substances. Nobody knows how different people react to drugs, and fireworks displays are dangerous if those observing aren’t kept under control. A negative reaction to drug use could cause fatalities, so hiring event security guards can stop this problem before it starts.

Here at Alpha 1, we are dedicated to keeping you, your business and your events safe. Call us today for paramount security at events.

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