Security for your Business

Security for your Business

It’s that time of year again, where the football season in England gets up and running and supporters around the UK back their teams to the fullest extent. You can expect to see sports grounds bouncing and your pub or restaurant full to the brim and people’s moods high (especially if their team has triumphed!) However, with the passion being so intense and supporters becoming more vocal, there is always going to be a difference in options between fans, which can inevitably lead to trouble.

This is where Alpha 1 Security Services can help, our service is the answer to any of your security concerns, with trained staff on hand at all times we can take total control of any situation.

Our expert officers have a wealth of experience in various areas of security, to make sure football patrons don’t get too rowdy and trouble is kept to a minimum. Our door supervisors will manage violent and argumentative people and quell any danger to your customers or staff. As well as this, the event security service that Alpha 1 provide ensures that your premises is monitored (by CCTV) which means that any trouble is recorded. If worst comes to worst, we can even provide a full medical service, to cater to anyone who may be harmed in any kind of crowd trouble.

The football season is a time for all supporters to get behind their team, however if you are cautious of crowd trouble, or any possible aggravation arising from football, then get in touch with Alpha 1.

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