“Security may come before some freedoms”

“Security may come before some freedoms”

With Australia joining the UK through pushing their terrorist level to ‘high’, Australian PM Tony Abbott admits that ‘security may come before some freedoms’ after the event of major anti-error raids last week. The PM declared to parliament that his government will be seeking ‘broad powers’ to challenge the rising terror threat levels. New laws are being planned to restrict travel to now off limit “’conflict areas’, along with legislations for telephone and communication companies to hand over data to police and security that shall be put into place very soon.

The UK’S current threat level stands at ‘severe’, and police and security forces are more alert than ever. Based in the heart of London, we are fully experienced with rapid change of surroundings and security climates. If you possibly hold a high profile and you feel the unease of current events more than most, then our impeccably trained guards can provide you with premium protection. Our close protection service can earn you the peace of mind that you require; unload one less stress off your shoulders and place your trust in us. Within our close protection package, we can provide you with:

  •  Threat identification, assessment and management
  •  Escort teams (including medic)
  •  Surveillance (static, mobile and counter surveillance)
  •  Solo Protection Officer
  •  Security/drivers

Place double protection upon yourself and your home through the use of our mobile security service; which will provide you with:

  •    Cost effective alternative to static guarding
  •    Visible deterrent
  •    Lone worker protection
  •    Vacant property inspections
  •    Rapid response

If you feel that you require security services that will give you results, then contact us today on 0207 127 4260 to receive further information from one of our team members.

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