Security on Remembrance Day

Security on Remembrance Day

This Sunday saw the annual service of remembrance at the Cenotaph in central London, in a ceremony lead by the Queen. The service was different to those in recent years however, as recent terror threats, as well as a foiled plot earlier in the week saw a huge boost in security for the visiting mourners, and close protection for the public figures.

Four men were arrested just three days before Remembrance Sunday on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack. The intended target of the attack was believed to be the Queen and the memorial party and some security experts had suggested the annual ceremony be cancelled in the interests of safety. However the ever-irrepressible war heroes of conflicts gone by vowed to battle against threats of terror to remember their fallen comrades.

With leaders of all major political parties, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh and Princes Charles, William, Andrew and Edward in attendance, the risk of harm to a number of high-profile personnel was very real. The plot is believed to be linked to Islamist-related terrorism, however any link to Islamic State or other groups has not been confirmed.

The 10,000 strong group of war heroes were unperturbed by the threats and defied advice from the Royal British Legion not to wear their hats or medals. It is the first time that members of the public have had to go through metal-detection gates at Whitehall and raises questions about the reality of the threat from terror directed at important members of our Government.

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