COVID-19 PREPARED: Our SIA licensed security guards are equipped with PPE including FFP2 masks, surgical gloves and protective eyewear from reputable UK suppliers, as well as hand sanitisers. All operatives receive prompt briefings on the latest HSE guidance on social distancing. You can read more about our COVID-19 preparations here.

On-site risk assessements have resumed following the relaxation of lockdown. Visits are undertaken by staff using PPE. If you require a remote risk assement, we can also provide this.

Peace of mind about your safety is very often something that is incredibly undervalued. For many in high profile positions the threat to their lives can be very real and a horrifying situation to find themselves in.

Here is the good news, Alpha 1 are ready to help you in this situation. We have the means to support you in any circumstance that you might find yourself in which may make you uncomfortable about your safety. These unwanted intrusions can have a serious impact on your quality of life if not dealt with by the correct close protection team. Our personnel are used to working in a variety of different environments from fairly placid to potentially hostile situations – adaptability in these posts is key.

Our professional conduct is second to none and all of our close protection security team are frequently reminded of the importance in following protocol and the etiquette found within our internal company policy. We can help you live your life with freedom.

We all know how important technological advances have become in our lives. It can often be due to this that famous or influential figures are now more at risk that ever before. Due to an increase in the use of social media in particular, the movements of these individuals are well known and publicised; should someone want to know what a certain person was doing, it would not be at all difficult to find out.

VIPs, celebrities, religious leaders, sporting icons, politicians and high net worth individuals are just some of the people that may well find themselves in the position of needing Close Protection Services.

We here at Alpha 1 offer the following security services for close protection needs;

• Threat identification, assessment and management
• Escort teams (including medic)
• Surveillance (static, mobile and counter surveillance)
• Solo Protection Officer
• Security/drivers
• Residential security

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