COVID-19 PREPARED: Our SIA licensed security guards are equipped with PPE including FFP2 masks, surgical gloves and protective eyewear from reputable UK suppliers, as well as hand sanitisers. All operatives receive prompt briefings on the latest HSE guidance on social distancing. You can read more about our COVID-19 preparations here.

On-site risk assessements have resumed following the relaxation of lockdown. Visits are undertaken by staff using PPE. If you require a remote risk assement, we can also provide this.

With the outbreak of Covid-19, social distancing measures are required in public and in private establishments such as transport hubs, parks, supermarkets and other retail outlets, and other places such as hospital foyers or the entrances to government facilities.

Alpha 1’s Coronavirus task force have put together an operating procedure following government HSE guidance for our SIA licensed operatives. Our teams are issued with specialist Personal Protective Equipment, to reduce risk to themselves and others, ensuring critical infrastructure remains operational, to help businesses stay open, and in-work activities stay running during the coronavirus outbreak.

Services include:

– Retail queue management
– Premises protection and theft prevention
– Patrols
– Conflict management
– Vehicle and car park management

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