Stay safe this summer

Stay safe this summer

Alpha 1 understand just like everybody else the need to enjoy the summer months as best as possible, with the weather in the UK not great for the rest of the year! However it is vitally important not to forget to keep your valuable items safe at all times!

If you are leaving your house for any period of time it is absolutely crucial to lock your windows. Even the smallest of windows may be an opening for a burglar. With the summer weather in the past months and even this month being exceptionally warm Alpha 1 know that you would want to leave your windows open to keep it cool throughout the day, however if you are not in the house it doesn’t matter! Keep them closed, even windows that are open on a safety latch may allow a burglar the chance to enter your house and it then gives them the chance to take your expensive and precious items, while also robbing you of your safety.

If, like most people, you choose to spend your time outside (enjoying the summer!) make sure you protect your items such as, phone, wallet/purse and sunglasses to name a few. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people that have approached us asking if they have seen their wallets and purses, when asking where they last saw it, they reply that they left it on the ground while they nipped to the toilet! Please don’t be one of these people, if you are going ANYWHERE, keep your belongings on you. Also try not to flash your belongings while in a public place. If you have a flash phone or a lot of cash on you, and are constantly showing it off, chances are, someone will try to pinch the items from your pocket.

Alpha 1 understands that we all need to let our hair down (if we have any!) and relax in this beautiful summer weather. If you follow these simple tips, the chances are that you will enjoy yourself even more by keeping hold of the things that are special to you. Stay safe this summer!

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