Summertime Security

Summertime Security

With the weather getting warmer and the kids now taking part in their annual holiday away from school, you can finally say summer is truly here! However, you may need to change your security needs, in order to keep your safety optimized. We have listed a few tips for users, to ensure your security is working perfectly over the next few months.

  1. Make sure you’re prepared for holidays in the summer. With staff and key holders away over the summer, you must ensure that the appropriate systems are in place so security operations can continue to run smoothly. Furthermore, with there being frequent bank holidays in the summer as well children not in school, you can expect your shops or sites to be very busy. So it might be a good idea to take all the necessary precautions for this, such as introducing more security guards.
  2. Ensure camera’s sights are not obstructed. As the sun comes out, plants and trees inevitably spring up and grow. Due to this, it is important to make sure security cameras are not covered by this foliage and therefore obstructed. It is paramount to ensure that cameras are not blocked, as any security breaches will be missed and it’s possible that the hindrances can cause false alarms.
  3. Don’t become complacent. With the office or your premises warming up, you naturally will open doors and windows to let the fresh air in, however it’s so easy to forget that you left them that way. You must ensure that windows and doors are locked securely when leaving a building, therefore intruders will not have easy access to your site.

These are just a few tips to help you out with security over the summer. It is usually the simple things that we forget.

If you are looking for security that can always be relied on and help you when it is most needed, then get in touch with Alpha 1 Security today!

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