Syrian Crisis

Syrian Crisis

During the past few weeks I have had a number of conversations with clients about the situation in Syria and how it will affect their everyday lives. This question is something that Alpha 1 would like to address to our readers.

Our government have already held a poll as to whether military intervention would be the best solution to this problem, with the majority voting against aggressive action. With this in mind you can be assured that for now, we will not be sending the military over to the Middle East again. However many countries around the world have condemned the chemical attacks on the population as nothing less than barbaric. We can all clearly see that Syria has chemical and potentially nuclear weapons at their disposal and it is something that needs to be addressed.

We are just as concerned about international security as we are about national security, and keeping an eye on the news is the best idea for the time being while a resolution in Syria is still being sorted out. Our country has shown that it would not appreciate another military intervention and if the government decide to sanction these measures, we wouldn’t be surprised to see unrest amongst the population. If this is the case we would suggest taking precautionary measures to protect yourself and your homes.

As general precautions Alpha 1 would suggest not being outside alone when it is dark. Although crimes are committed throughout the day, you are more likely to face a threat during the later and darker hours of the day. Unrest, especially from military strikes, can bring people to cause problems, even if it has nothing to do with them, as was the case with the London riots. Alpha 1 would simply suggest taking caution during this time, as civil unrest can and has caused people to follow the crowd and potentially cause damage to public and private property and the crisis in Syria, coupled with military intervention could spark another movement. Day to day, potential concerns aside, safety should always be at the forefront of your mind on a daily basis.

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