The benefits of Keyholding

The benefits of Keyholding

How keyholding benefits your company


Recently we have been blogging about what keyholding is and how we can help you in terms of looking after your property for you if you choose to use Alpha 1 Security Services for your keyholding needs.

If you are considering increasing security at your property then some of the following benefits may well be of interest to you;

–          When using a keyholding service the risk to you personally is significantly reduced. If the alarm in your property goes off in the middle of the night and you have to go and investigate the cause, there is a possibility you will be walking into a hostile environment completely unaware and without any of the knowledge or training in how to handle a situation where there are potential dangers. Alpha 1 Security Services will handle this for you. Our trained professionals will enter the property to evaluate the situation and disband any risks.

–          All day, every day. Our Keyholding service is not Monday – Friday, 9 – 5 but we will go to your property anytime if there is an emergency. 365 days of protection a year – it simply doesn’t come any better than that.

–          Speed. You don’t have to worry about your alarm going off for hours before anyone can get there. That’s why you use our team; we can get there whenever you need us, every time you need us. We guarantee a quick response as our control room will be on hand in an emergency situation and always get someone sent out to you.

There are other crucial benefits that are worth noting; such as you will never be put at risk of driving over the limit if there is an emergency at your property on a Friday night. You will also be avoiding any compensation claims that staff may make if put in a position where they become injured through keyholding services. Your staff will also not be interrupted throughout their working day.

If it is a private property that you require a keyholding service for whilst you are away then the benefits are obvious. Your property will remain safe and secure until you return.

Our Keyholders are trained to do everything you could want them to when ensuring the care of your property is maintained. Your keys are safe in our hands.

Alpha 1 Security Services ensure your keyholding needs are no only met, but exceeded. Call today for a free quote.

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