The Dangers of Home Security Cameras

The Dangers of Home Security Cameras

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With more and more households looking to improve their home security, people are turning to technology and with that, home security cameras. The simple to install kits can now be wired into your Internet connection to make surveillance of your home possible even if you’re not in the country. But with technological developments, comes the inevitable abuse and manipulation of them.

Reports published recently highlighted the breaches in security by linking to a website which carried live feeds from 150 countries around the world whose home security cameras had been compromised. Of those shown, around 1700 cameras were from the UK and highlight a worrying trend of privacy being violated. It is important to ensure that you are only using security cameras when they are really required, like when you are out of the house or on holiday – this will help keep the activity in your house private. Using wired systems rather than wireless is another way to reduce the options for those looking to compromise your systems.

Couple this with the ongoing threat from cyber-crime and you have the potential recipe for a violation of your entire digital life. Simple steps can be taken to ensure you are doing everything within your power to protect yourself online. Of course this is only half of the battle, with hackers managing to stay one step ahead.

Using strong passwords, only sharing information over secure networks, protecting yourself with a secure antivirus and firewall system and being vigilant to danger are all ways you can try to reduce your chances of being hacked.

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