The Importance of a Crowd Management Strategy

The Importance of a Crowd Management Strategy

Event coordinators have many things to tend to when putting together events; however, it is not uncommon for certain elements to become overlooked. Understanding the importance of a crowd management strategy is essential in producing a smooth event. There are several key elements that must be considered which hold equal importance.

A proper crowd management strategy starts with education. As a strategy is being developed, coordinators must educate themselves on the expected audience. Specific events attract specific people. Depending on what the event has to offer will determine how a particular crowd will interact. For example, events serving alcohol often require strict enforcement in order to maintain order and keep people safe. It can be difficult enforcing alcohol laws and protocols without violating the rights of the individuals, but the measure is needed.

Typically there are different stages in events and a crowd management strategy should cover all stages. From queuing, managing talent, and screening for contraband, there are several factors that need to be accounted for. A clear system should be developed that is easily understandable to the crowd as well as the attending staff. The policies and venue regulations must be incorporated to ensure safety measures are made and foot traffic.

An efficient crowd management strategy clearly defines roles and responsibilities so that every one is on the same page. Knowing the chain of command, from the event coordinators to the door managers, is needed so that everyone is in the right place at the right time. This element is extremely important because it can prepare the team for any anticipated elements that could pose a threat or be disruptive to the people attending.

A lot more is involved when creating a crowd management strategy, and it is important not to let a single element go overlooked. Not only is a strategy important for safety purposes, it essentially keeps the overall flow of the event moving smoothly. A proper strategy anticipates potential complications and has a plan of action when these events occur.

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