The importance of a good Door Supervisor team

The importance of a good Door Supervisor team

Door supervisors provide the backbone to any alcohol permitting establishment, they hold the key to letting customers into an establishment and it is up to them to keep the peace and allow the customers to enjoy their time.

Unfortunately door supervisors in general have a bad name but why is that? Door supervisors, bouncers, doorman, whatever you want to call then, they have increasingly been getting a bad reputation , and we think that this is down to how they handle situations. A lot of people have nothing to say about door supervisors because they don’t cause problems on a night out or just abide by the laws set out by the government, however when they have to intervene in situations people seem to think that the door supervisor is out to get them and that the door supervisors are the ones at fault. All door supervisors go through vigorous training to make sure that they are up to the standards of protecting licensed establishments across the country. They are given set guidelines as to how they should deal with situations.

All of Alpha 1’s door supervisors have worked on the doors of licensed establishments for a number of years so they are experts in handling all types of situations. Establishments with poor door supervisors will generally find that these situations will happen more often than not:

  • Unnecessary danger for you and your staff
  • Having to manage violent and argumentative people
  • Customers leaving your establishment due to violence. This may lead to a bad reputation which may result in people not wanting to go to your establishment.
  • Fines and even the chance of having the establishment’s license revoked.

Thankfully our team have the experience to deal with any situation that is thrown at them. Alpha one will also work with you to devise a plan which is tailor made for your business.

Speak to our door supervisor team at Alpha 1 team today to understand your needs and how our door supervisors can help you.

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